Welcome to the official website of music composer Daniel Sadowski.

Daniel is known for composing the scores for such games as Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Man of Steel, A Boy and His Blob, Megamind, City of Steam, Stasis, Gratuitous Space Battles, Dusty Revenge, How To Survive, and many more titles. Daniel also works within Film and TV and has composed for projects such as the feature film, 'The Cure' from David Gould Studios and Awaken, the multiple Award Winning short film. Daniel has received multiple awards and nominations including the "GDC Excellence in Audio Award" and the "Action On Film International Film Festival Award Nomination" for best Soundtrack.

Latest News


Daniel composes new music for Dota 2.

Daniel recently composed a new music score for Dota 2 for Valve Software. The score is called 'Heroes Within' and it combines the orchestra and electric guitars with modern synth elements, edgy percussion, choirs and creative sound design. Daniel composed a multi-layered score that rises and falls with the in game action. "Music Packs" are a new feature in Valve's games. Music Packs allow users of Dota 2 to select which music score they want for their gaming experience. Look for Daniel's music in the game and in the Dota 2 Shop.  For a sample of the music, please click here.


Daniel Composes for 'Pac-Man Bounce' for BANDAI NAMCO

To celebrate the 35th Anniversary of Pac-Man, Daniel was hired to compose music for BANDAI NAMCO's new "Pac-Man Bounce" video game. Please visit BANDAI NAMCO's website for more information: http://www.bnsv.ca/


Counter-Strike Music for Valve Software

Daniel Sadowski recently released a new score for Valve’s first-person shooter. The latest music is called “Total Domination” and has already become a favorite within the Counter-Strike community. “Total Domination” mixes aggressive electronic beats, a throwback vibe, creative sound fx and an exhilarating, driving, futuristic sound. Please click here for samples or look for Daniel’s music in the game.


Daniel composes for “Stasis,” a new Sci-Fi Game.

Daniel has started to compose for “Stasis” a new ground breaking Sc-Fi adventure game coming soon to PC. Please click here to visit the official Stasis website. Click here for a detailed NAG magazine article on the game. Click here for the official Facebook page.


Daniel composes for Stormthrone, a new Fantasy based MMO

Daniel recently composed over 80 minutes of music for “Stormthrone” a new fantasy based MMO. Daniel recorded with the “Northwest Sinfonia and Chorale.” (www.nwsinfonia.com) Please visit http://stormthrone.r2games.com/ for more information.


Exciting New Projects

Daniel is currently working on a "triple A" MMO and a new Action-Adventure game. Stay tuned!