More Counter-Strike Music for Valve Software

Daniel Sadowski recently released a new score for Valve’s first-person shooter. The latest music is called “Total Domination” and has already become a favorite within the Counter-Strike community. “Total Domination” mixes aggressive electronic beats, a throwback vibe, creative sound fx and an exhilarating, driving, futuristic sound. Please click here for samples or look for Daniel’s music in the game.

Daniel composes for Stormthrone, a new Fantasy based MMO.

Daniel recently composed over 80 minutes of music for “Stormthrone” a new fantasy based MMO. Daniel recorded with the “Northwest Sinfonia and Chorale.” (  Please click here for the “making of the music” video.  Please visit for more information. – October 7th, 2014

Daniel composes for new game “Crystal” a Fantasy based RPG.


Daniel is currently composing for a new game called “Crystal.” Crystal is a mix of action, adventure, and fantasy. The game is being developed by Mechanist Games. Please visit for more news. – October 4th, 2014

Daniel composes music for Valve’s new Music-Packs.

“Daniel composes music for Valve Software’s “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.” Daniel recently composed music for Valve Software and their new “Music-Packs.” Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most popular First-Person Shooters with 5.5 million players.
For more information please visit:

Daniel composes for “Fireteam Zero.”


Daniel recently finished composing around 35 minutes of music for Fireteam Zero.
Fireteam Zero is a new action-thriller based board game. Please visit for more information. Soundtrack coming soon.
October 1st, 2014

Movie Tie-In Video Game – Asterix: Mansion of The Gods

Daniel composed music for a new Nintendo 3DS game called “Asterix : Mansion of The Gods.” The game is based on the feature film coming to theaters on November 26th.
Stay tuned for more news.

Daniel composes Epic Sci-Fi score for “Gratuitous Space Battles 2.”


Daniel recently composed for an Epic Sci-Fi game, “Gratuitous Space Battles 2.”
As seen in the screen above, the battles in the game are hugely Epic and Intense.
Daniel composed a layered Sci-Fi score for the game which rises and falls with the
on screen action. The game be released in late 2014.
Stay tuned for more news. -October 1st, 2014

Man Of Steel “Soldier Of Steel”

Daniel recently composed music for the Man Of Steel “Soldier Of Steel” game and trailer.
The project was a collaboration between  Warner Brothers,  Man of Steel,  LM&O,  and
Neo-Pangea.  Please click here to listen to some of Daniel’s work on the project.  Please
visit here for more information.  “Studio Recording Pics”

Daniel composes for the feature film, “The Cure.”












Daniel has completed scoring “The Cure,” a new action-thriller feature film in post production.  Click here (IMDB) for more info.  Check out the official trailer here.
Visit the official website here. Check out the premiere and red carpet pictures here.
Starring Daniel Lissing (ABC’s The Last Resort) & Antonia Prebble (Outrageous Fortune) Directed by David Gould (IMDB)Albatros Film

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Daniel Recieves 2014 “Best Game Audio” Award


Daniel & PD Design Studios recently received an award for their work on Dusty Revenge, the action video game. The award was for “Best Game Audio” and came by way of the 2014 Casual Connect in Singapore. This is the 2nd award Daniel has received for his work on the game, with the first being the GDC China  “Excellence In Audio” Award.

Daniel Composes for new PS4/Xbox One game for Iron Galaxy Studios


Daniel recently worked on the fighting game “Divekick” for the  PS4 and Xbox One with Iron Galaxy Studios. Iron Galaxy Studios is known for working on such titles as Borderlands 2 (Vita), Darkstalkers Resurrection (PS3/Xbox 360), and Scribblenauts Remix (iPhone). Please visit  Check out the latest trailer link:

New Survival Zombie Game “How To Survive”


“The score, by Daniel Sadowski, is equally impressive. Simple, thumping, effective and evocative of the kind of synth scores in George A. Romero’s Day of the Dead or all of John Carpenter’s late 70’s to mid 80’s movie scores.” – Gamer Horizon

Daniel recently composed the music score for 505 Games’ “How To Survive,” a new survival, horror game that offers unique features within the Zombie Genre. Please click here for the official website. How To Survive will be released this fall on PS3, XBOX 360, Steam and Wii U. Stay tuned for more news.

GDC China 2013 “Excellence In Audio” Award.


PD Design Studios and Daniel Sadowski recently won the 2013 GDC China award for “Excellence In Audio” for their work on ‘Dusty Revenge,’ the action adventure video game.

Daniel composes magical score for “Tree of Light.”


Daniel is currently composing for a mystical game called “Tree of Light.”  
Check out the music sample below:

Stay Tuned!

Daniel composes for “City of Steam” video game due out in 2013.

“City of Steam grabs players aesthetically right from the start with one of the most beautiful original soundtracks in the MMO space today. Daniel Sadowski’s work is simply magnificent and evokes a sense of Steampunk.”


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Daniel hired to score the music for the 2012 Dubai International Film Festival

Daniel Sadowski is currently scoring the music for the Dubai 2012 International Film Festival (December 9th – 16th.)  This includes the opening and closing ceremonies as well as the release trailers.  Please click the video above to view the opening ceremony.

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Dusty Revenge


An angry rabbit out for revenge.  Yes!  A western Steampunk fantasy world.  Yes!  Action, magic, and platforming goodness.  Yes!  Put all of this together and you get Dusty Revenge. Now available on PC.  (Coming soon to consoles and MAC.) 

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Daniel scores “Megamind” the video game for DreamWorks / THQ.

Daniel worked with DreamWorks and THQ in crafting the score for the PS3,  XBOX 360 and the Nintendo Wii.  

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Three New Albums Released

Kabam releases 3 new iTunes albums to which Daniel composed the scores for.
Thirst of Night (Horror), Edgeworld (Sci-Fi) and Glory of Rome (Period Adventure)  
all get an iTunes release. 

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Daniel composes the Score for “Tryst.”

Tryst is an RTS set in the year 2381. Tryst achieves its quick, action based gameplay through a clever system of upgrades, unique to two distinct races. 

Daniel is currently composing an edgy / action based sci-fi score that will fit perfectly within the world of Tryst.   Please click below for more information and be sure to check out the recent trailer that Daniel composed for. 

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Daniel records with the Seattle Orchestra “View Video Below”


Daniel recently composed the music for a film project that mixes an epic landscape of world music with dark electronics and live orchestra.  He collaborated with JBM Studios, an international production company. Watch a video of the live orchestra session below.





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The Music of Dominus

Daniel writes the score for “Dominus,” a new Next-Gen 
Sci-Fi MMO.

Click here to view one of the trailers from Dominus!







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Daniel records with the Seattle Orchestra for XBOX 360 / PC title “Frozen In Time.”

Daniel is currently composing the music for a new Adventure / Sci-Fi game called “Frozen In Time.”  The game’s music is a mix of real orchestra, ethnic vocals, and unique synthesizers and electronics.  Daniel recorded with the Seattle Orchestra at Studio X.  The game will be released on the XBOX 360 and PC.  The game will be released in 2013.  Please click below to hear a sneak peek!

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